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Burner with stabilizer top, for cylinder (LP) gas. ..
Burner with stabilizer top, for natural gas. Meets F..
Adjustable with air and needle valve gas adjustments..
Round, plastisol-coated jaws. Opens 3/8 to 1 3/8". A..
Round jaws. Adjustable from 4 1/4 to 5". Opens 3/8 t..
Stamped steel. The center-to-center distance between..
Adjustable, spring opening. Shank is 5/16" diam. Len..
Flexible steel; ID, 5/16". Rubber covered for gas-ti..
Meker type. Produces a very hot flame as for heating..
For natural gas. With flame stabilizer. Meets Federa..
This easy-to-operate, portable butane burner deliver..
A Carolina Exclusive Fast, reliable, and safe Cera..
Fast, reliable, and safeCeramic work surfaceTwo-year..
A Carolina Exclusive and Teacher's Choice!Outfit You..
With continuously adjustable speed control (up to 3,..