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Our 9-L water bath with stainless-steel tank is idea..
Heavy support rings, made of chrome-plated cast iron..
One of the most effective and easy to use autoclave ..
Absorbent. Excellent for cleaning glassware, making ..
Our chemistry labware kit offers an assortment of it..
Popular feeder for brooding chicks. ..
Jar and base included. Also good for adult birds. ..
Ideal for use on any highly polished surfaces. Will ..
For attaching extension rings and clamps to supports..
Constructed in 2 sections with swivel joints. Holds ..
Strong, heavy forged brass, nickel-plated, open side..
Three-prong, vinyl-dipped jaws hold objects up to 3 ..
Three-prong, vinyl-dipped jaws hold flat or round ob..
Made of very strong, flat spring brass wire with rou..
Bel-Art®. For maximum protection and convenience whe..