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An aluminum reflector concentrates the light from a ..
Designed to fit the item# 701194 Still-Air Picture W..
Brower. Designed for use with Top Hatch Incubators (..
Erasable with a dry cloth or tissue from porcelain b..
This portable air cleaning system includes a caster-..
This smooth, white filter paper is excellent for bas..
This ashless, smooth, white filter paper is excellen..
More efficient by test than other filter pumps; will..
An excellent kit for filtering fluids. Consists of a..
Lab Stove Fuel is a 70% butane/30% propane mixture a..
Flint-type lighter designed for one-hand operation. ..
Safe, no open flame, no fire hazard, no fuel refills..
Our chemistry hardware kit offers an assortment of h..
Pipets with 1-mL rubber nipples. ..
Extra heavy, carefully annealed. Mortars have smooth..