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With rounded ends. Rods are annealed. ..
This hand protector is ideal for gripping hot beaker..
A tube of glue that works like a lipstick. Safe, odo..
Ruled in millimeters; 1-cm grids. Standard notebook ..
Designed to meet the laboratory needs of schools, re..
A low-cost blender suitable for many lab application..
This single-speed hand-driven machine is ideal for t..
Sturdy bags made of clear polyethylene film 0.003" t..
The High-Power Ultrasonic Cleaner features 5 program..
Ideal for viewing the incubation and hatching proces..
Tabletop incubator with plastic see-through dome for..
This complete incubator and hatcher now offers an ac..
Designed with a 14 x 14" clear plastic window for vi..
Model TX-6. See-through incubator with fan that circ..
Pressure sensitive. The word AUTOCLAVED appears afte..