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Economical - perfect for departments on a strict bud..
Draws approximately 1 mL. Suitable for loading 10 ┬ÁL..
This efficient and reliable device is designed for e..
Continuously adjustable and autoclavable for sterili..
Series 2100 pipets offer Eppendorf quality at a lowe..
These high-quality, fixed-volume micropipets offer a..
Research qualityBuilt to hold up in classroom or lab..
An inexpensive alternative to measuring microvolumes..
Micropipet tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf..
Tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf, CarolinaT..
Generic tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf, a..
Plastic. Draws approximately 3.5 mL in a single sque..
An inexpensive alternative to digital micropipets. T..
Replacement tips for the United Micropipettors (item..
Variable volume pipettors at a price to fit any budg..