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This camel-hair, domed brush is perfect for keeping ..
For handling hot beakers, crucibles, etc. 50- to 1,5..
Stainless steel, straight. 12" L. ..
Made of black china bristle on rust-resistant wire w..
Made of white bleached nylon spirally wound into gro..
Flagged polystyrene bristles. Dusting face, about 4 ..
Nickel-plated. For holding large-size crucibles, fro..
Nickel plated. Designed with tapered, serrated tips ..
Made in USA. Stainless-steel, 6 1/2" curved blade wi..
Save money with these long-lasting brushes that last..
Made in USA. Stainless-steel, glazed finish. Both en..
Made in USA. Handle, 0.103" diam. 6 3/4" L. Spoon en..
Made in USA. Stainless-steel, mirror finish. Handle,..
Natural bristles with radial tips on galvanized wire..
Stainless-steel blades with riveted hardwood handles..