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Grades 6-12 Learn about wheel throwing techniques using synchronized views and animations. Englis..
Grades 6-12 Create a relief sculpture that presents two different pictures when viewed from eithe..
Grades 6-12 Create a wire sculpture with correct proportions bent into a pose. 9 minutes. Copyrig..
Grade 1 to Adult. A self-styled innovator, Benny Andrews, an African-American artist, creates col..
Grade 1 to Adult. This video examines the personal and artistic relationship between artist Betye..
60 minutes each. Grades 3-12. A complete course on cartooning and drawing by television's famous ..
Grade K and up. Develops logic and spatial perception while students learn to be tactical. Studen..
This high quality, fine art print masterwork by Joan Miró will enhance any collection. Generally ..
Grades 3-12. Discover the synthesis of cultures in the variety of Puerto Rican art. Includes seve..
This high quality, fine art print masterwork by Vincent van Gogh will enhance any collection. In t..
By Laurence Anholt. Grades PreK-2. This charming, beautifully-illustrated book is sure to spark y..
Instructional cards with many art examples and diagrams illustrate important art concepts. They ca..
Grade 5 and up. This program introduces students to a variety of professionals who have chosen to..
Crystal Productions. Grade 1 to adult. Provide your students with an overview of the options in a..
Grade 7 to adult. Reproductions of cave paintings from Lascaux cave made 17,000 years ago. Includ..