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Translucent colored plastic is shaped so you can successfully use the duck-billed staple remover..
Upgrade your PrismTM projector (Z15893) to a Super PrismTM (Z15892) with this 3-element, color-c..
The art of suspension. Simple, versatile, and elegant. The clean lines and functionality of the ..
Ideal for projecting line art, patterns, and designs. Offers increased performance and special f..
Cool-running opaque projector is a great all-purpose model. It is large enough for most projects..
Designed for the professional artist or crafter who desires excellent image clarity and accuracy..
Enlarges and projects image up to 20 times the original size or reduces to up to 70% of the orig..
Comes with a very high-quality five-element lens, enlarging up to 20X and provides the projected..
This stand can accommodate Artograph® digital art projectors as well as many other types of proj..
Contains over 25 large, colorful images and portraits of U.S. presidents, and depicts over 550 y..
Unique staple release mechanism for ease of use. Built-in magnet for efficient and simple cleanu..
Perfect for hanging posters, charts, banners, or notices in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, do..
Now everyone in class can see any artwork, object, or technique you choose to display or demonst..