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The most popular shape for cutting, slicing, smoothing, and contouring large clay workpieces. Used..
Hardwood pin for slabbing clay, making clay tiles, etc. Nylon bearings, waved rollers, and lacquer..
This tool has a heavy, sharp needle set in a 1/2" dia. hardwood handle. Use to cut through and rem..
Straight, 1-1/2" needles with 4" wooden handles. ..
Assortment provides the sculptor and potter with a series of shapes designed for medium-duty cutti..
Precision-made, double-end wire modeling tools. Handles are polished wood and ferrules are made of..
Kit has all the basic pottery tools required for the beginner and the professional. All tools are ..
Flat, ribbon-like steel is used to form the cutting heads of these tools. These double-edged model..
These textured clay rollers feature detailed designs that can be used to enhance any clay project...
Dual rollers (1-5/8" dia.) held together by chrome steel frame. Flatten or smooth clay, or impress..
The 5-gallon bucket includes two Klay Guns that come with 19 discs, two scrapers with teeth, two s..
Double-end sharp steel. ..
Double-end sharp steel. ..
Double-end sharp steel. ..
Double-end sharp steel. Set includes sgraffito and cleanup tool (0300477), lace and sgraffito tool..