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Ready-to-use Amacote is brushed on the backs of metal shapes before enameling the other side. A co..
Strong steel exterior construction with long-life kanthal elements. UL approved for school use. Wi..
Pieces up to 5" diameter can be fired in this kiln. 1500° F is reached in about 15 minutes and te..
18-gauge copper. Sold in 8-oz. packages. With hole. 1-3/4". Approximately 17 pieces. ..
For designing your own bowls, serving trays, ashtrays, plaques, candy dishes, saucers, etc. Can be..
Fire onto enameled pieces to give colored line effects. Most of the decorating is done with these ..
A larger, economical kit including 2-oz. packets of 16 colors: quill white, briarwood brown, candy..
Economical set to turn out finished pieces quickly and easily! Contents include: 1" dia. sifter, m..
A special assortment of Thompson lead-free 80 mesh dry-form opaque copper enamels. Consisting of e..
Fire silver clay, china, ceramics, and glass. This efficient kiln makes glass compatibility and co..
Easy-to-fire portable kiln, ideal for hobbyists with limited space. Fire 30 or more miniature piec..
Made especially for enameling. Engineered to give you perfect bonding on metal with enameling temp..
Fast, affordable jewelry kiln for silver clay, decals, china paint, enameling, glass, and ceramic...
This 120V, revolutionary ceramic fiber kiln fires independently and needs no other heating source...