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Straight edge for trimming wood, plastic, paper, and leather. ..
Adapt-A-Cut® has been designed to allow students more independence in cutting lightweight papers..
Works as a paper holder for Adapt-A-Cut® (9724165) and as a ruler/straightedge. As a holder, the..
This premium-quality, all-purpose utility knife is constructed of rugged die cast zinc. Features..
Ground razor edge provides maximum blade life. Fits most standard utility knives. ..
Quality, precision tool with aluminum body. Knurled, 4-way nonslip chuck for stronger and maximu..
An accurate and effective cutting tool that features a titanium-coated blade that is three times..
The adjustable cutting arm cuts circles from 1" to 8". Limited lifetime warranty. ..
Retractable blade ensures safe, convenient, cap-free blade storage when not in use. Innovative f..
Great for light- and heavy-duty cutting jobs. Great for cutting paper, cloth, dried flowers, wir..
These universal blades will fit most utility knives. ..
Fits Heavy-Duty Breakaway Knife (9705451). Includes five blades with seven breakaway points each..
With this snap-off blade knife you're always just a snap away from a sharp point. Blades are ret..