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Vests include zipper, buttons, snaps, and a combination vest with a zipper and buttons. Elastic pa..
Mix up the geometric shapes on the board and hide them with the bright red caps. Players choose tw..
A multi-sensory adventure! Children learn counting, cooperative play, color recognition, and eye-h..
Children can experiment with different sized pegs to create impressive pictures. Set of 280 pegs i..
Set of approximately 2,700 pegs in sizes of 20, 15, and 10 mm (13/16", 5/8", 3/8"). Four primary c..
Attach the colorful foam shapes onto the foam pounding board by pounding the wooden tees through t..
Toss ‘em, stretch ‘em, catch ‘em, bounce ‘em…there's tons of fun in this tub of silly sensory mani..
Children will enjoy these brightly colored pieces with playful graphics as they sharpen their nest..
Familiar object puzzle pieces provide stimulating introduction and reinforcement of basic number c..
Children develop dexterity and cognitive skills with this unique bead stacker. Pattern cards are p..
Set includes 250 quiet, 1 cm thick foam pattern blocks in six colors and shapes, plus 36 pattern b..
These versatile pattern blocks are a great introduction to math concepts, such as sorting, matchin..
Set includes 25 Lauri® Tall-StackerTM pegs and a 36-hole Pegboard. Includes activity sheet. Ages 2..
Practice new skills tile-by-tile. Place the see-through plastic grid over any of 16 colorful pictu..
These pins don't prick but leave an intriguing sensation when touched. Flip Pin ArtTM over so all ..