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An award-winning educational tool for teaching color-matching, shape-matching, and pattern-recogni..
Set encourages sorting by color, height, and geometric shape. Placement of shapes enhances fine mo..
Kids can fit 9 textured shapes into the textured, 6-sided, easy-open cube. Helps kids develop hand..
A fun, hands-on way to sort 50 chips into five color categories. Children learn color recognition ..
Children will enjoy these brightly colored pieces with playful graphics as they sharpen their nest..
Children develop dexterity and cognitive skills with this unique bead stacker. Pattern cards are p..
Stack the shapes on opposite ends of the seesaw to create a balanced platform. Shapes fit snugly i..
A great way for children to learn classification skills and develop logical thinking through fun p..
Puzzle-fit the geometric shapes through the puzzle-shaped openings on the lid of the bucket, turn ..
Colorful, durable foam pieces help strengthen motor coordination and fine motor control. Sort by i..
Young children will learn by sorting and stacking this 15-piece pyramid manipulative made from dur..
Engage students while providing them with motor skill practice using the ultimate shape sorter. 12..