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The water-resistant Garmin® eTrex GPS receiver features 12 parallel channels, convenient 1-hande..
Demonstrate volume, ratio, and weight concepts. Make comparisons between shapes by filling the e..
A complete set of 15 transparent and durable plastic geometric solids set. Includes: two 1-7/8" ..
Set of six hollow 4" models of clear, unbreakable plastic include: cone, sphere, cylinder, cube,..
The large 33" x 23-1/2" format of these posters demonstrating math concepts is ideal for classro..
This handy student math kit includes basic drawing aids: 45° and 60° triangles marked in cm an..
This versatile plastic template features a variety of 2-D shapes, 180° protractor, metric and s..
Largest working thermometer available for class display. 30" wall-mounted thermometer has 23" tu..
This set of 10 plastic shapes make visual classroom demonstrations possible. Fill with water, sa..
This graduated cylinder set includes one cylinder each of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 m..
Unbreakable graduated cylinders made of tough, transparent plastic. Accurately calibrated on eas..
Over 200 pages of organized, concise, activity-oriented lessons. Each lesson provides a task ana..
A 12" hardwood ruler with brass edge. Inch and metric calibrations. Five-hole punched; fits loos..
Combines the function of a ruler with the ability to draw circles like a compass. Use the holes ..
A 360° clear protractor with a unique rotating device to provide extra help with measuring angl..