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These transparent, durable plastic shapes may be filled with colored water, rice, or sand to ill..
A great way to explore measurement. The five-piece plastic liquid measurement set includes one e..
Demonstrate volume, ratio, and weight concepts. Make comparisons between shapes by filling the e..
A complete set of 15 transparent and durable plastic geometric solids set. Includes: two 1-7/8" ..
Set of six hollow 4" models of clear, unbreakable plastic include: cone, sphere, cylinder, cube,..
This set of 10 plastic shapes make visual classroom demonstrations possible. Fill with water, sa..
This graduated cylinder set includes one cylinder each of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 m..
Unbreakable graduated cylinders made of tough, transparent plastic. Accurately calibrated on eas..
Set of 19 includes five sturdy plastic bottles with lids (gallon, half gallon, quart, pint, cup)..
These sturdy plastic jars are perfect for both U.S. Customary and metric measurements and includ..
Set of three measuring cups with handles are marked in ounces, cups, and milliliters. Includes c..
Clear plastic container is marked every 100 ml up to 1 liter. When filled, the cube holds 1,000 ..
Containers are designed in the shape of real-world products for easy recognition of liquid capac..
This handy plastic pitcher is molded in polypropylene, clear, autoclavable, and has good chemica..
This set of 5 clear measuring containers of different heights and shapes is ideal to help studen..