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Climb the 1,665 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower, explore the fortress of the Tower of Londo..
“Race” across China while playing an exciting algebra game. Gives students experience in finding..
These two sets of 24 dominoes contain simple equations covering the four mathematics operations...
This innovative teaching tool targets four areas of study: linear graphs, quadratic equations, c..
Six questions on each calling card cover naming polynomials, combining like terms, multiplying m..
What a fun and creative way to learn math. Six questions on each calling card cover basic review..
What a fun and creative way to learn math. The 6 questions on each calling card allow for differ..
Play Equate® at higher levels with this 197-tile set including: positive and negative integers, ..
A friendlier tile set than the Original Tiles. Contains 176 tiles packaged in two zip-lock bags...
Supply your entire classroom with Equate® games. Contains 8 Equate® boards, 8 Original Tile Sets..
Improve thinking skills, develop number sense, and build a foundation for success in algebra by ..
These dominoes are excellent for practice in solving simple equations and for introducing equati..
By June E. Oliver. An enjoyable way to introduce a variety of topics for algebra. Each placemat..
Your Algebra 1 students will enjoy this fun and challenging game of bingo. Topics include: solvi..
Encourages students to solve algebra equations quickly and easily without memorizing. All cards ..