Carolina NG Electrophoresis Power Supply

  • Simultaneously run 2 gel boxes
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Input: 120- or 240-V AC
This sturdy, high-quality, metal-encased power supply is the next generation in the Carolina™ Electrophoresis Power Supply line. The 2 independently operating channels are continuously adjustable to supply from 25- to 150-V DC. Settings for 25, 50, 75, and 145 V are marked. Each channel is protected by its own type 3AG fuse (250 V, 300 mA; size, 1-1/4 × 1/4"). Great for running 2 gels at the same voltage or at different voltages.

Available as a 120-V Unit and as a 240-V Unit.

240-V unit is for international use.

Carolina™ NG Electrophoresis Power Supply Specifications
#Item Product Qty
213704Carolina NG Electrophoresis Power Supply, 120-V Unit : In Stock
213705Carolina NG Electrophoresis Power Supply, 240-V Unit (International use only) : In Stock