Basic Firearm Identification Kit

Forensic firearm identification is easy with this kit's real-world samples, actual crime lab procedures, and a PowerPoint® lecture with over 100 high-quality photographs and 8 video clips. After completing the 3 lab exercises, students can analyze firearm, ammunition, and toolmark evidence to determine if a particular gun was used to commit a crime.

All fired bullets, cartridge cases, and barrels are safe. Kit includes enough materials for 30 students working in pairs. Enhance your lecture with the Cartridge Case Comparison Poster and the Bullet Comparison Poster. Note: Not for use by children 12 and under.
Why Forensics?
Forensic science is broadly defined as the application of science to criminal investigations or problem solving. By incorporating a problem-solving approach to science education, teachers are engaging students in exciting and innovative ways. Our forensics materials provide a novel approach to teaching your students the "real-world" applications of science and math.

A forensics approach:
  • Focuses on concepts and skills already emphasized in the science classroom
  • Creates a bridge between science and real-life application
  • Allows students to become investigators and engage in a science-as-inquiry approach
  • Places emphasis on cooperative learning and the relationship between evidence and explanations
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