Carolina Fingerprinting Science Kit

Carolina Fingerprinting Science Kit - For a class of 30. Students learn to fingerprint one another on a permanent card using standard police methodology, then compare their prints to the chart depicting the 9 standard fingerprint patterns. With instructions.
Forensics for the Biology Lab Series - Following the Evidence to Effective Learning

Grade 8-College. Explore biology in a new way with the Forensics for the Biology Lab Series - classroom kits are designed to challenge young students. Topics ranging from osmosis to fermentation to chromatography are presented through fictional crimes. With a little help from the forensic evidence provided, students can trace the scientific facts needed to crack these fun mysteries.
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Little supervision required
  • Real-world applications are interesting and fun
  • Inquiry-based, so students learn science while solving crimes and mysteries
  • Meets National Science Education Standards
  • Fosters cooperative learning