Carolina Forensic Dissection Kit

  • A fresh, new approach to a classic mammalian dissection
  • Forensic education that really engages students
  • Provides a "real world" link
Capitalize on the current popularity of crime scene investigation TV with this unique forensic lab activity. Students conduct a pig dissection by modeling the protocols used by a pathologist for a human autopsy. They carefully record the external features and use a typical "Y" incision to open the body cavity for a detailed examination. Then they remove all of the organ systems. When students complete the forensic dissection, they return the organs to the body cavity and suture the incisions.

A Carolina's Perfect Solution® adult pig heart and pig kidney are also included for comparison with the dissected specimen. A set of 7 prepared slides allows students to extend and enhance the dissection by examining some of the tissue types found within each system.

Preserved Specimen Disposal Guidelines
Disposing of preserved specimens and preservation fluids after use isn't complicated, but does require some thoughtful planning. Here's how to properly dispose of both these types of waste and whom to contact should you have any questions or need assistance. The link will open a new browser window, so please disable popup blockers.

FREE - Carolina Forensic Dissection Student Guide
We now offer a free digital student guide intended for use with the Carolina Forensic Dissection Student Kit.
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