Caught by a Kiss, Forensics for the Biology Lab Kit

Beginning - Easy to perform; requires little or no knowledge.

Students act as crime scene technicians to figure out which pieces of evidence from multiple crime scenes contain potentially useful DNA information. By detecting amylase activity, students infer the presence/absence of saliva on the evidence.

Students learn why the detection of saliva is important at a crime scene, as well as how the amylase enzyme works. Materials supplied are for 6 groups of 4 students each to examine 4 different pieces of evidence.
Forensics for the Biology Lab Series - Following the Evidence to Effective Learning

Grade 8-College. Explore biology in a new way with the Forensics for the Biology Lab Series - classroom kits are designed to challenge young students. Topics ranging from osmosis to fermentation to chromatography are presented through fictional crimes. With a little help from the forensic evidence provided, students can trace the scientific facts needed to crack these fun mysteries.
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Little supervision required
  • Real-world applications are interesting and fun
  • Inquiry-based, so students learn science while solving crimes and mysteries
  • Meets National Science Education Standards
  • Fosters cooperative learning
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