Bio-Foam Impression Foam

Simply press any object into the shoebox-sized Bio-Foam® block to create a permanent and accurate 3-dimensional impression. Castings can be made directly from the impression. Dimensions are about 14" L x 6" W x 2 1/4" H.
Why Forensics?
Forensic science is broadly defined as the application of science to criminal investigations or problem solving. By incorporating a problem-solving approach to science education, teachers are engaging students in exciting and innovative ways. Our forensics materials provide a novel approach to teaching your students the "real-world" applications of science and math.

A forensics approach:
  • Focuses on concepts and skills already emphasized in the science classroom
  • Creates a bridge between science and real-life application
  • Allows students to become investigators and engage in a science-as-inquiry approach
  • Places emphasis on cooperative learning and the relationship between evidence and explanations