3, 2, 1- Countdown to Genetics

Grade 8-College. For a class of 30 students. Why just tell students about genetics when they can learn the basic principles of Mendelian genetics and the concepts of inheritance by observing real plants? Students examine 3-day-old plants to study 2 phenotypes allowing you to do 1 assessment of their understanding. Using petri dishes and filter papers, students sow seeds for 3-day-old P1- and F1-generation plants. They make observations and form a hypothesis about the phenotype of the F2 generation. They then sow the F2 seeds to test the hypothesis.

All kit activities can be completed in just 3 class periods–and everything is included except a light source. (We recommend the #158994 Plant Light House™.)
FREE - 3,2,1 Countdown to Genetics Student Guide
We now offer a free digital student guide intended for use with the 3,2,1 Countdown to Genetics Kit.