Animal Kingdom Plastomount Collection

Demonstrate the depth and breadth of animal life.
  • Excellent tool for teaching about the animal and plant kingdoms
  • Hands-on set will interest students of all ages
  • Multiple classroom uses
  • Easy to store
Many animals that inhabit this earth are rarely seen by students. But you can bring these intriguing creatures into the classroom with this "animal kingdom in a case". Sixty-eight representative specimens from 17 phyla are mounted in twelve 3 x 4" numbered Plastomounts in a plastic carrying case. Labels are mounted inside the case under each Plastomount and can be removed for testing.
Plastomounts - We do the dissection for you, Look Inside Without Going Inside!

  • An excellent alternative tool to teach dissection
  • A great model for students learning to dissect
  • An attention-grabbing permanent display for your lab
Plastomounts are specimens embedded in clear, durable polyester resin so students can study them from any angle. They are attractive teaching aids for the classroom, lab, and museum, and will last for years.