Owl Pellet Regional Variation Inquiry Kit

Carolina Carolina
Through this guided, inquiry-based activity, students explore the many different environments of Barn Owls by analyzing pellets from 4 distinct regions (Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast)of the United States. Please contact Carolina's Professional Development Department to learn about our owl pellet workshops.

These activities help address the national Science Education Standards (grades 6 to 12) in Life Science; Science in Personal and Social Perspectives; and Scientific Inquiry. Fun-filled activities stimulate student interest with hands-on learning. Real-world science lets students learn just like scientists.

Students can use the Carolina™ Owl Pellet Regional Database to gather data and share information.
A Wise Introduction to Dissection - Carolina™ Owl Pellet Dissection

Bring the fun of exploring the natural world into your classroom. Owl pellet products are safe and easy to use for students of all ages. Excellent for hands-on, inquiry-based learning, Carolina owl pellet dissection activities will excite and engage your students. They also help you meet many National Science EducationStandards and state standards at the same time!
  • Discover insights into raptor's feeding habits and food webs
  • Study ecosystems, predator/prey relationships, even the role of enzymes in digestion
  • Integrate science, reading, math, and social studies activities
  • Investigate the type and availability of prey in an area
How are owl pellets formed?