CliffsNotes Parents Crash Course Elementary School Science Fair Projects

Grades 3-5. Faith H. Brynie. 2005. 256 pages. ISBN 978-0764599347. This book helps busy parents assist their children in creating last minute science projects using materials commonly found around the house. Quickly pick an appropriate project and spur that future scientist toward success! Soft cover.

Each project idea includes the discussion/investigation question, a list of supplies needed, step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and more.

Each project features three variations: Go Easy (a simpler version for younger kids), Go (a complete project), and Go Far (a more in-depth or advanced examination of the question).

Projects range from How much fat is in potato chips? and How reliable are eyewitness reports? to Does the sun's angle affect the output of a solar cell? and Will a ball bounce higher if dropped from a greater height?; there's a project to interest any budding young scientist (and his or her parents). Additional information helps kids create displays, present their results, and more.