Basics of Anatomy Series, DVD Series

The Basics of Anatomy Series is the most cost-effective investment your science department or media center can make to supplement your school's biology curriculum. Each DVD comes complete with printable PDFs of study guides, worksheets, and an annotated script explaining interesting shots along with the location and circumstances involved in capturing them. Chapter search enabled. 28—39 minutes each. 2008.

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493517Basics of Anatomy Series, DVD : In Stock
493511Nervous System: Neurons, Networks, and the Human Brain DVD : In Stock
493512Immunological System: Recognition, Attack, and Memory DVD : In Stock
493513Endocrine System: Molecular Messengers, Chemical Control DVD : In Stock
493514Respiration and Circulation: Gas Exchange, Molecular Transport DVD : In Stock
493515Digestion and Excretion: Absorption, Excretion, and Homeostasis DVD : In Stock
493516Muscular, Skeletal, and Integumentary Systems: Defining Our Form DVD : In Stock