Cell Structure Microslide Lessons

A Microslide is a strip of 8 related, 35mm images as photographed through a microscope, with important features highlighted. This Microslide™ Lesson Set consists of a Microslide™ and an explanatory Text Folder containing factual information to stimulate, inform, and question the student about the topic under study. Each Microslide set of 10 or more identical titles is packaged in a sturdy labeled box and comes with a complimentary reproducible Student Worksheet Set. Topics can be purchased as individual titles or in sets of 10, 15, or 30 identical titles.

** Many configurations and additional Microslide sets are available on special order. Please contact Customer Service at 800-334-5551 if you would like more information or to place a special order.
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489700Microslide Viewer : In Stock
489730Cell Structure, Microslide Lesson Set, Pk 15 : In Stock
489730ACell Structure, Microslide Lesson Set : In Stock
489730BCell Structure, Microslide Lesson Set, Pk 10 : In Stock
489730CCell Structure, Microslide Lesson Set, Pk 30 : In Stock