Inquiries in Science: Complete Biology Laboratory Series Package

A Carolina Exclusive! This package of all 19 Inquiries in Science® biology kits provides lab activities that help students understand an essential science topic in the area of cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, or physiology. Every kit provides lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher's manual.

Note: Many kits include a prepaid coupon you can use to request delivery of perishables at your convenience. Redeem your coupon 24/7 at, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112. Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms may be substituted.
Each kit includes:
  • Teacher manual with instructions
  • Background information
  • Reproducible student sheets
  • Student questions
  • Extension activities
  • Suggestions for differentiated instruction
The Complete Biology Laboratory Series Package Includes:
  • Synthesizing Macromolecules Kit (item #251000)
  • Investigating Cell Types Kit (item #251001)
  • Examining Cellular Transport Kit (item #251002)
  • Cycling Through Mitosis Kit (item #251003)
  • Energizing Cells Kit (item #251004)
  • Discovering Nucleic Acids Kit (item #251005)
  • Modeling Genetic Inheritance Kit (item #251006)
  • Understanding Reproduction and Chromosomes Kit (item #251007)