Carolina™ Laboratory Package for Use with AP Chemistry

This convenient package includes 22 Carolinaâ„¢ kits for use with AP Chemistry, covering all 22 course experiments. Our kits satisfy the requirements of a laboratory program in AP Chemistry as set forth by the College Board. Materials are sufficient for a class of 30 students.
  • Molar Mass by Freezing-Point Depression (#840507)
  • Determination of Molar Mass by Vapor Density (#840509)
  • Waters of Constitution and Hydration (#840510)
  • Molar Volume of a Gas (#840511)
  • Determination of the Molecular Weight of an Acid (#840512)
  • Identifying an Unknown Hydrogen Carbonate (#840514)
  • Determination of the Ka of Acetic Acid (#840516)
  • Identifying an Unknown Acid (#840518)
  • Determination of Iodine in Iodine Tincture (#840520)
  • Determination of Mass and Mole Relationships (#840521)
  • Indicators, pH, and Titrations (#840522)
  • Principles of Calorimetry (#840524)
  • Separation and Qualitative Analysis of Cations and Anions (XX-840525)
  • Chemical Kinetics (#840526)
  • Synthesis and Chemical Analysis of a Coordination Compound (#840528)
  • Analytical Gravimetric Determination of a Carbonate (#840530)
  • Spectroscopy and the Method of Continuous Variation (#840544)
  • Fundamentals of Chromatography (#840546)
  • Buffers, pH, and Hydrolysis (#840548)
  • Introduction to Organic Synthesis (#840550)
  • Determining an Activity Series (#840555)
  • Electrochemical Cells (#840560)
Carolina has a complete listing of items that are needed but not supplied for each Carolina AP Chemistry Kit:
See the list of items here: PDF Download for Carolina AP Chemistry Kits