Buffers, pH, and Salt Hydrolysis AP Chemistry Kit

Meets AP® Chemistry topic 19. This lab reinforces the important properties of acid-base equilibria. In the first part of this multiactivity lab, students determine the pH and buffer capacities of several buffer solutions they prepare.

In the second part, students measure the pH of different aqueous salt solutions, write the net ionic equations that explain the pH, and use the pH values to calculate the Ka of an acidic ion and the Kb of a basic ion.

Materials are sufficient for 30 students working in pairs. Materials needed, but not supplied, include fifteen 24-well microplates (item #840733, pack of 10) and pH meters.

DOT Class: Excepted Quantity
Needed But Not Supplied:
  • Beaker, 100 mL - Qty: 6
  • Microplates, 24-well - Qty: 15
  • pH Meters (readable to at least 0.1) - Qty: 5