Carolina EcoKits: Energy Sources Kit

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Grades 9—12.
  • Learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy resources
  • Examine different energy technologies and analyze the pros and cons of each
  • Design and build models to represent different examples of energy sources
A Carolina Exclusive! In these laboratory exercises, students explore different types of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. Working in groups of 4, students rotate to 8 different stations over a period of 2 hours. At each station, they perform a 15-minute activity that relates to energy production. They produce coal gas, work with a water wheel, burn methane bubbles, split water molecules, test photovoltaic cells, build a wind turbine, model geothermal energy, and explore batteries. Kit accommodates a class of 32 students.
Content Standards - This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards:

Grades 9-12
Unifying Concepts and Processes
   • Evidence, models, and explanation
   • Constancy, change, and measurement

Science as Inquiry
   • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry

Earth and Space Science
   • Energy in the Earth System

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
   • Natural resources