Carolina EcoKits: Life in the Biomes Kit

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Grades 9—12.
  • Observe the unique characteristics and traits of specific biomes
  • Construct models and make predictions about the effects of threats to the habitats and climate of biomes
  • Suggest ways to preserve biomes
A Carolina Exclusive! Students study the biotic and abiotic factors of ecosystems through the exploration of various terrestrial biomes. They use models of biomes and representations of climate (temperature and precipitation) to determine specific characteristics of the biomes and the life found within. Then they complete graphic organizers about a selected biome and share the information with the rest of the class. Kit accommodates a class of 30 or more students and can be used for multiple classes. Each station requires 20—30 minutes. Either have student groups complete all 6 stations, or assign 1 biome to 6 groups, which then present to the rest of the class.
Content Standards - This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards:

Grades 9-12
Science as Inquiry
   • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
   • Understandings about scientific inquiry
Life Science
   • Biological evolution
   • The interdependence of organisms
Life Science
   • Natural resources
   • Environmental quality
   • Natural and human-induced hazards
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