Carolina EcoKits: Matter Cycling Kit

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Grades 9—12.
  • Create a model of a minipond ecosystem
  • Alter a parameter of a pond ecosystem, and observe the effects on the biogeochemical cycles
  • Learn how in an aquatic ecosystem
A Carolina Exclusive! Investigate biogeochemical cycles at work in a minipond ecosystem. Students measure temperature, water loss, pH, and sample biodiversity each week. They examine water quality by testing levels for phosphate, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrite/nitrate within pond parameters relate to the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, water, phosphorous, and oxygen each ecosystem. They learn how this environment (and each parameter) links to the biogeochemical or matter cycle. Kit accommodates a class of 28 students working in groups of 4.
Content Standards - This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards:

Grades 9-12
Unifying Concepts and Processes
   • Systems, order, and organization
   • Evidence, models, and explanation
   • Constancy, change, and measurement
   • Evolution and equilibrium

Science as Inquiry
   • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
   • Understandings about scientific inquiry

Physical Science
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