Carolina EcoKits: LC50 Aquatic Toxicity

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Grades 9-12.
  • Learn about some environmental impacts of population growth
  • Perform static aquatic toxicity testing
  • Determine and graph the results of an LC50 test
A Carolina Exclusive! Students are introduced to static toxicity tests used by the EPA and other health and environmental organizations to set water quality standards. During the lab, students prepare various concentrations of ammonium sulfate, a fertilizer component, and introduce Daphnia magna into their solutions. After 24 hours, students observe the mortality percentage of Daphnia in each concentration and determine the LC50 of ammonium sulfate. Kit accommodates a class of 30 students working in groups of 6.
Content Standards
This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards:
Grades 9–12
Life Science
   -The Interdependence of Organisms
   -The Behavior of Organisms
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
   -Population Growth
   -Environmental Quality
   -Natural and Human-Induced Hazards
   -Science and Technology in Local, National, and Global Challenges
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