Inquiries in Science: Estimating Human Populations

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  • Investigate community population trends through historical vital data
  • Generate survivorship curves
  • Predict population trends based on different parameters
A Carolina Exclusive! Grades 9—12. Students collect historical data from a cemetery (or from an included cemetery card set) and analyze this information to generate a survivorship curve. Then they apply their knowledge to investigate global human population patterns and predict the size of the world population over a 30-year period.

Part of the Inquiries in Science™ series. Materials are sufficient for 30 students working in groups.

This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards

Grades 9-12
Science as Inquiry
    •Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    •Understandings about scientific inquiry
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
    •Personal and community health
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