Inquiries in Science: Ecology/Ecosystem Lab Package

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A Carolina Exclusive! This package contains all 7 kits in the Ecology/Ecosystem strand of Inquiries in Science® Environmental Science Series. Students develop their understanding of ecology and ecosystems through investigation of topics such as populations, carrying capacity, ecological pyramids, and the nitrogen cycle. Each kit provides lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher's manual.

Note: Several kits include a prepaid coupon you can use to request delivery of perishables at your convenience. Redeem your coupon 24/7 at, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112. Due to some state restrictions, certain organisms may be substituted.
The Ecology/Ecosystems Lab Package includes
  • Interacting Populations Kit (item #251406)
  • Carrying Capacity Kit (item #251407)
  • Surveying Biodiversity Kit (item #251408)
  • Simulating Succession Kit (Item #251409)
  • Sustaining Ecosystems Kit (item #251410)
  • Building Ecological Pyramids Kit
  • Exploring The Nitrogen Cycle Kit