Inquiries in Science: Human Influence Lab Package

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  • Makes abstract science understandable
  • Actively engages high school students
  • Uses guided inquiry in convenient kit format
Grades 9—12. This convenient package contains all 7 kits in the Human Influence strand of Inquiries in Science™ Environmental Science Series. Students develop their understanding of ecology and ecosystems through investigation of topics such as human population growth, pollution, endangered species, climate change, and current legislation.

Each kit provides lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher's manual with instructions, background information, reproducible student sheets, student questions, extension activities, suggestions for differentiated instruction, and suggestions for community action.

Note: Several kits include a coupon for the prepaid delivery of perishable materials.
The Human Influence Lab Package includes:
  • Estimating Human Populations Kit (item #251413)
  • Experiencing Air Pollution Kit (item #251414)
  • Testing Water Pollution Kit (item #251415)
  • Tracking Endangered Species Kit (item #251416)
  • Understanding Climate Change Kit (item #251417)
  • Investigating Legislation Kit (item #251418)
  • Conserving Resources Kit (item #251419)
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