Carolina Classroom River Kit

Submerse your class in a curriculum-based, hands-on exploration of a river system in your classroom. Students participate in the research, design, layout, and construction of an indoor river. Team-building, role-playing, and cooperative-learning exercises help to establish students' growth as their community's future ecological stewards. The Indoor River Book serves as an illustrative, step-by-step instructional manual. This guide's integrated activities provide a foundation from which to launch your class into a study of your local watershed.

Many different wetland habitats can be simulated. The primary habitats include a marsh, drainage pond, and the river itself. Depending on the design of your indoor river, water flowing down the river course will pour out into the pond/aquarium, circulate into the marsh using a submersible pump anchored in the pond/aquarium, and ultimately overflow into the start of the river course, completing the water's circuit.