Hanna 9828 Multiparameter Water Quality Portable Meter

This comprehensive analytical instrument can measure up to 13 critical water quality parameters (6 measured and 7 calculated), including pH, EC/TDS, ORP, DO, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. A backlit LCD automatically sizes the digits, allows full configuration of each measured parameter, displays on-screen graphing, and has options for units and language selection.

The 9828 is engineered with smart features, such as autorecognition of pH/ORP probe, autoranging adjustments for EC/TDS readings, and measurement check, that actually simplify operation and handling. Each parameter is fully supported by the on-screen contextual HELP function, which is active during measurement and calibration modes.

This item is shipped from the manufacturer and takes approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive.
Designed for demanding outdoor environments, the 9828 is impact resistant and waterproof to IP67 standards (30-min immersion under 1 m of water). Its IP68-rated multisensor probe can be left underwater for an extended period of time. Five out of 6 measured parameters are housed in the probe: pH/pH mV, ORP, EC, % saturation and mg/L (ppm) oxygen, and temperature. Sensors are field-rechargeable, independently replaceable, and easy to clean and maintain. They are protected by a rugged PVC and stainless-steel sleeve.
Each 9828 comes with Quick-Calibration Solution, probe maintenance kit, 4 rechargeable NiMH C batteries, power adapter and cable, car 12-V accessory outlet adapter, 5 i-Buttons with holder, USB interface cable, HI 92000 Windows®-compatible software, instruction manual, and a rugged carrying case. Battery life is approx. 70 hr (continuous use without backlight).
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185504Hanna 9828 Multiparameter Meter (with 4-meter cable) : In Stock
185504GHanna 9828 Multiparameter Water Quality Portable Meter with GPS and 4-meter Cable : In Stock
185510Hanna 9828 Multiparameter Meter (with 10-meter cable) : In Stock
185510GHanna 9828 Multiparameter Water Quality Portable Meter with GPS and 10-meter Cable : In Stock
185520Hanna 9828 Multiparameter Meter (with 20-meter cable) : In Stock
185520GHanna 9828 Multiparameter Water Quality Portable meter with GPS and 20-meter Cable : In Stock
185505Quick-Calibration Solution (500 mL) : In Stock
185506Flow-Through Cell : In Stock