Hanna All-In-One Educational pH Meters

Reduce clutter and utilize minimal desktop space. Designed to meet the needs of the classroom, these meters feature a built-in beaker holder, beaker-top electrode holder, and 3-in-1 pH and temperature sensor.

Additional features include extended pH range, dual-level LCD with icons for stability and buffer recognition, automatic pH calibration with 2 sets of memorized buffers, Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature range, and automatic temperature compensation. Switch to battery power to take the instruments outside the classroom for field studies.

Available with and without an internal magnetic stirrer activated from the instrument's keypad. Each unit comes with a plastic body pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor, plastic beaker, pH electrode holder, calibration solutions, 12-V DC power supply, and 9-V battery.
pH, -2.00 to 16.00; temperature, -5.0 to 105&
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