Alternative Energies Videolab

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Grades 7 — 12. This outstanding Videolab® enables your students to produce electricity, harness the power of the wind and sun, and process fuel from oil shale. Includes the DVD/videotape Alternative Energies: Fuels for the Future. Consists of 10 workstations, including one observation station, plus a teacher's guide.
  • Station 1: Fossil Fuels-Old Stuff that Burns. Set of Fossil Fuels
  • Station 2: Solar Energy Potential-A Sunny Forecast. Solar Energy Map
  • Station 3: Passive Solar-A Transparent Solution. Containers (houses) and Thermometers
  • Station 4: Solar Thermal-Let's Concentrate. Metallic Solar Oven (light shield), Plastic Film Containers, and Thermometers
  • Station 5: Solar Cells-Power from the Sun. Solar Cell (encapsulated photovoltaic cell) with Reference Text and Motor with Propeller
  • Station 6: Generating Electricity-Muscle Power at Work. Hand Pump Generator
  • Station 7: Energy Sources and Uses-Easy as Pie. US Energy Pie Diagram
  • Station 8: Biomass-A Corn Fuel. Glass Alcohol Burners, Dried Corn, and Petroleum-Saturated Sandstone
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