Biology of Seashores DVD

Grades 9-College. This program is a powerful teaching resource for the study of aquatic and marine life. Subjects include habitat, diversity, adaptation, ecological niches, and interrelationships. Modular presentation, stunning biological photography, and up-to-date learning design. Close-captioned. 35 minutes.
  • Abiotic and Biotic Factors: Covers tides, wave shock, desiccation, and food sources.
  • Adaptations for Wave Shock: Shows the variety of body forms and structures found in an environment ripped by waves.
  • Defense: Examines structural, chemical, and behavioral adaptations that protect animals in this crowded environment.
  • Feeding: Looks at adaptations used to harvest the abundant food sources of the shore.
  • Reproduction: Examines asexual and sexual strategies and the importance of larval development in the plankton.
  • Rocky Shores, Sandy Beaches, Mudflats, Docks: Reveals complex webs of life living in these accessible habitats.