Earth Science in Action DVD's

In this fun and informative series, visitors from a distant galaxy embark on a never-ending mission to learn more about the structure and history of the earth. Earth Science in Action covers everything from the earth's layers, rocks, minerals, and soil to oceans, erosion, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Led by our inquisitive guides, these programs go beyond the basics to give students a detailed look at our incredible planet. Each program includes segments that visit and showcase interesting land formations and tools used by geologists around the world, as well as a stimulating experiment that students can replicate in the classroom. This series is based on the concepts outlined inthe National Science Education Standards for Earth Science: Structure of the Earth System; Earth's History; and Earth in the Solar System. Each video is 23 minutes. Close-captioned.
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496147AEarth Science in Action Fossil Fuels DVD : In Stock
496146AEarth Science in Action Earthquakes DVD : In Stock
496148AEarth Science in Action Fossils DVD : In Stock
496149AEarth Science in Action Geological History DVD : In Stock
496150AEarth Science in Action Land Formations DVD : In Stock
496151AEarth Science in Action Minerals DVD : In Stock
496152AEarth Science in Action Natural Resources DVD : In Stock
496153AEarth Science in Action Oceans DVD : In Stock
496154AEarth Science in Action Rocks DVD : In Stock
496155AEarth Science in Action Soil DVD : In Stock
496156AEarth Science in Action Topography DVD : In Stock
496157AEarth Science in Action Volcanoes DVD : In Stock
496158AEarth Science in Action The Water Cycle DVD : In Stock
496159AEarth Science in Action Weathering and Erosion DVD : In Stock
496160AEarth Science in Action Series Set DVD : In Stock