Minerals Videolab with DVD

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Grades 7 — 12. All minerals have physical properties such as hardness, luster, cleavage, and fracture. Students analyze and use this knowledge to identify several sets of unnamed minerals.

Includes the DVD Minerals: Building Blocks of the Earth. The Minerals Videolab® consists of 12 workstations and teacher's guide.
  • Station 1: Color-A Spectrum of Possibilities. Color Specimens
  • Station 2: Streak-Powder Power. Streak Specimens and Light and Dark Streak Plates
  • Station 3: Luster-Shine On! Luster Specimens
  • Station 4: Cleavage-Them's the Breaks. Halite, Mica, and Calcite Specimens; Fracture Specimens; Hand Lens; and Breaking Blocks
  • Station 5: Hardness-Let's Be Abrasive. Hardness Specimens and Hardness Kit
  • Station 6: Crystal Form-Shape Up. Crystal Specimens and Wooden Crystal Models
  • Station 7: Density-A Hefty Topic. Density Specimens
  • Station 8: Optical Properties-To See or Not to See. Optical Specimens
  • Station 9: Calcite Test-The Acid Test. Calcite Specimens and Acid Bottle
  • Station 10: Definition-Play by the Rules. De