Physical Oceanography Videolab

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Grades 7 — 12. These hands-on lab activities provide a amulti-learning approach to the topic of physical oceanography. Activities include the topics of bathymetry, ocean floor profiles, tides, sand and sedimentation types, density, turbidity, and surface currents. Kit includes materials for 11 workstations, the DVD/videotape Physical Oceanography, and complete teacher's guide.
  • Station 1: Tides-Global Tug of War. Styrofoam® Balls, Dowel Rod, Toothpicks, Yarn, and Clay
  • Station 2: Surface Currents-Rivers of the Oceans. Colored Pencils and Color Gulf Stream Image
  • Station 3: Density Currents-Deep, Distant Flow. Ice Cube Tray, Salt, Spoon, and Blue Food Coloring
  • Station 4: Waves-A Swell Topic Rope (4 M)
  • Station 5: Sedimentation-Filling in the Details. Plastic Tube, Cup, Plastic Spoon, and Sediment Mix
  • Station 6: Sand-Dump It Out of Your Shoes and Take a Look. Microslide® Viewer (item #489700) and Sand Microslide®
  • Station 7: Turbidity Currents-Massive Muddy Movement. Plastic Tube, Cup, Plastic Spoon, Tempera Paint Powder, and Plastic Film Canister and Lid
  • Station 8: Salinity-Salty Sea Solutions
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