Adjustable Steel-Base Tables

These fully unitized table frames and legs are constructed with welded steel. All frames are made of 1 1/4", 16-gauge, square tubing. Legs are adjustable, telescopic type with 1 1/2", 14-gauge steel tubing down to 1 1/4", 16-gauge and feature a set-screw locking mechanism. Legs have adjustable screw-type glides. Tables adjust from 20 to 36" H.

Tabletop choices include 1" plastic laminate, 1" Chemsurf®, or 3/4" phenolic resin, chemical-resistant surfaces. Dimensions: 24" D x 54" W.

Shipped from factory.

#Item Product Qty
704468Adjustable Steel-Base Table with Gray Nebula Plastic Laminate Top : In Stock
704472Adjustable Steel-Base Table with Black Chemsurf Top : In Stock
704474Adjustable Steel-Base Table with Black Phenolic Resin Top : In Stock