Carolina Beaker-Breakers

School labs can be hectic. You prefer glass over plastic but it takes time and money to order the right glassware. And then it breaks. You need insurance. We can't prevent breakage, but we can guarantee that you'll not pay for broken glassware. Carolina's Beaker-Breakers program protects you against glassware breakage for one full year from the date of purchase.

  • Top Quality—Carolina's Beaker-Breakers sets contain top-quality Corning® Pyrex® labware
  • Save Time—We've put together 3 sets of the most common sizes of beakers (250 mL), graduated cylinders (100 mL), flasks (250 mL), and test tubes (18 x 150 mm), so you don't have to fret with the order
  • Save Money—Set prices are considerably lower than individual component prices, plus you receive FREE replacements for broken glassware
Replacement is easy. Just let us know if a piece of Beaker-Breaker glassware breaks, and a replacement will be shipped with your next order from Carolina.
#Item Product Qty
721100Carolina Beaker-Breakers Set 1 (108 pieces) : In Stock
721102Carolina Beaker-Breakers Set 2 (96 pieces) : In Stock
721104Carolina Beaker-Breakers Set 3 (36 pieces) : In Stock