Basketball Skillastics™


Finally, a game that gets everyone moving, learning, and having fun! Basketball SkillasticsTM is a unique, 5-ft. x 7-ft. vinyl mat displaying 26 basketball drills. Each square is clearly illustrated with colorful cartoon characters and easy-to-read instructions. Classes are divided into six teams and assigned a colored basketball beanbag located around the mat. Students from each team take turns approaching the mat, rolling their team colored die and moving the beanbags along the mat. The students then read the directions of the square, report back to their team and they all perform the skill together. After completion of the skill, another student from each team approaches the mat and repeats the process. Improves teamwork, coordination, cooperation, and communication. Non competitive. Includes: one new and improved reinforced nylon 5 ft. x 7 ft. game mat, six 3" colored dice, six colored beanbags, six 20" x 27" nylon miniature mats, six miniature game mats, nylon storage bag, and detailed instruction booklet. Ages 7-10.