Nasco’s Food Clings Kit


A versatile nutrition teaching tool for all ages! Just cut out these photo images of food replicas printed on soft plastic and use them as “clings” on the large, multicolored MyPyramid or the colorful, life-size place mats. You can position the clings on the MyPyramid in food groups, or use them to show appropriate daily food intake. Another option is to arrange the clings to illustrate meals on the two place mats. Foods cling to the place mats and MyPyramid, but can be repositioned and used over and over again. In all, there are 49 food clings, so several meals can be constructed at one time. Children can construct meals and then evaluate the pros and cons of each to determine the healthiest meal. Kit includes: 33" x 22" MyPyramid, two 19" x 11" place mats, 49 food clings, and a sheet with nutrition information for all the foods.